ORA-29701: unable to connect to Cluster Synchronization Service, Error 29701

Pacjent: Grid 19.13, DB, OL 7.9 – NODE2 łapie freeza po starcie i trzeba pocisnąć go z palca (po błędach związanych z interconnectem w logu CRS-a)

— w alercie DB NODE1

JIT: pid 44720 requesting full stop
JIT: pid 44720 requesting full stop
IPC Send timeout detected. Sender: ospid 20158 [oracle@NODE1 (LCK0)]
Receiver: inst 2 binc 16 ospid 18523
Communications reconfiguration: instance_number 2 by ospid 20158
Detected an inconsistent instance membership by instance 1
Evicting instance 2 from cluster
Waiting for instances to leave: 2
IPC Send timeout to 2.1 inc 20 for msg type 65521 from opid 24
IPC Send timeout to 2.1 inc 20 for msg type 65521 from opid 24

— a w logu CRS-a NODE2 (na NODE1 są jedynie informacje o problemach z NODE2 bez countdownu):

2021-11-04 14:37:21.717 [OCSSD(10029)]CRS-7503: The Oracle Grid Infrastructure process ocssd observed communication issues between node NODE2 and node NODE1, interface list of local node NODE2 is, interface list of remote node NODE1 is

2021-11-04 14:37:27.240 [OCSSD(10029)]CRS-1612: Network communication with node NODE1 (1) has been missing for 50% of the timeout interval. If this persists, removal of this no